KalkKind – Natural building materials

Swamp lime plaster, natural plaster &natural paints

Natural building materials for sustainable and healthy construction

For over two decades, we have relied on lime plaster, swamp lime plaster & lime paint directly from nature.

Our natural lime system consists of natural, mineral and vegetable raw materials. Because our pride and joy belongs to the unique marsh lime. Finally, we manufacture the pure marsh lime ourselves, from which we produce our unique marsh lime plaster. As a result, the surface materials for walls and ceilings are completely emission-free and also improve the air quality in your home.

Natural lime plaster and natural lime paints from KalkKind are free of harmful substances such as titanium dioxide. In addition, the natural product quicklime manages to demonstrably reduce pollutants, germs and bacteria in the indoor air.

With over 20 years of experience, we ensure that the premium natural products of the KalkKind brand are manufactured to the highest quality. And today, as it was a thousand years ago, the pumping is still traditionally done by hand. At the same time, we produce responsibly and regionally in Germany. The natural lime plaster system – Made in Germany.

Optics and design by „KalkKinder

In order to gain acceptance among architects and end customers, however, the appearance of the lime putty surfaces ultimately also plays a very decisive role.People alone are the judges of whether they consider a surface to be beautiful and appealing. Whether the interior design meets his personal individual taste. Measuring devices, apparatus and laboratory results do not count here.

Sensations, emotions, thoughts, motives, and personality traits are factors in how a person visually evaluates a space. Therefore, the requirement of an attractive, beautiful and appealing interior design is not equated with uniformity, symmetry, comparability and standard. But with terms like: Individuality, uniqueness, fascination, exclusivity and specialness.

It is precisely this requirement that the KalkKind company has seen as a particular challenge. KalkKind has been producing natural building materials for more than 20 years, purely mineral, free of plastics and cement components. Produced in Germany with domestic raw materials.

The quality of workmanship, the handwriting of the designers, the technical know-how of the craftsmen determine whether the result meets the standard of perfect interior design.

KalkKind specialist companies appreciate the design diversity of the materials and know the variety of possible color designs. Only when a trained and skilled sump lime designer opens the bucket and applies the high-quality material to the wall surface does the caterpillar become a butterfly.

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