hokka – sustainable wooden garden furniture

Especially in outdoor applications, it is difficult to combine durability and sustainability in high-quality garden furniture. In addition, it was very important to us in the HOKKA collection to avoid synthetic materials as far as possible and instead rely on natural raw materials. Nevertheless, in order to achieve optimal durability, we use eucalyptus hardwood from European cultivation and strong flax and coconut ropes. The different properties of these raw materials ensure that they are ideally suited for seasonal outdoor use.

Exclusive garden and lounge furniture

HOKKA wooden garden furniture is characterized by its simple construction combined with intricately woven seat and back. Thus, despite its simplicity, our furniture is a real eye-catcher. The use of ropes made from durable and renewable raw materials such as sisal and coconut underlines our claim to sell an inherently sustainable product.

In our exclusive range of wooden garden furniture are all the essential components that will make your garden a true place of well-being:

    • Garden chairs
    • Garden benches
    • Garden tables
    • Lounge armchair
    • Lounge benches
    • Garden umbrellas

We are sure that both our range of wooden furniture and our exclusive lounge furniture will make your garden your new favorite place!

Sustainable terrace design

All exclusive garden and patio furniture from HOKKA Furniture is suitable for various purposes. From private gardens to professional restaurant patios, our outdoor products are versatile. And if the pieces of furniture are not needed once, the stackable design of the exclusive lounge chairs and garden benches allows the customer to store the wooden garden furniture when not in use, saving space and without much effort.

Our wood assortment – we pay attention to our raw materials

Few things will add as much character to your garden and patio as quality wooden furniture. They make your outdoor experience special. Therefore, our assortment includes both garden and patio furniture made of high-quality wood – for example, hardwood from eucalyptus trees.

But we also care about the sustainability of our products. That’s why we use naturally renewable raw materials to manufacture our garden and patio furniture, combining sustainability with durability. In addition, we pay attention to locality – almost 90% of our suppliers come from Portugal and our furniture is processed exclusively in Europe.

Suitable for any weather

Beautiful outdoor wooden furniture should not only be an eye-catcher for a short time, but it should fill its owners with joy for a long time. Therefore, we attach great importance to the weather resistance of our garden and patio furniture. For this reason, we use only hardwoods from Portuguese cultivation. Especially eucalyptus is suitable for outdoor use due to its high density and low moisture.

For our ropes we used sisal and coconut fiber as well as flax and jute ropes, which have already proven themselves for outdoor use. But these ropes are not only stable and weatherproof, but in addition comfortable and beautiful to look at. This will make your garden and terrace a real eye-catcher.

Still not sure what furniture will suit your garden?

We are happy to assist you with advice and support. With our exclusive design advice, we will also find the perfect set for you to feel good. We will be happy to pay you a visit to create together the design for the perfect combination of your exclusive and sustainable wooden garden furniture.

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