Ute Bries Expert for voice, appearance and leadership communication

Coherent on all your stages

Speak successfully and appear confident with charisma and voice.
No matter whether in a meeting, a customer discussion or on stage. 360° authentic, from shy to charismatic.

Stand out publicly on your stages with your personality and expertise, manage your success with more visibility and presence.

In a hotel, people want a change of scenery with a feel-good character, to recharge their batteries, to enjoy, or to know that they are well taken care of when they start their business meeting right away. In every encounter, our voice counts.

From the first phone call, through service communication
all the way to goodbye. It’s the tone that makes the music. If the voice is right, then the team is also right.

Especially as a manager, you are involved in demanding tasks. It is not always possible to stay in a good mood. Finding the right words in the team is definitely part of it. You set the mood with your voice. This is transmitted directly to the workforce and is
passed on. Especially in the catering and hotel sector, a good mood has a positive effect on guests and sales.

Successful leadership communication depends on many factors.
As an expert in voice, appearance and leadership communication, I offer the right success formats for you as coaching, training or mentoring in my online academy and also as a face-to-face event.

I show hoteliers and their teams how to enchant their guests with their voice, their appearance and their words, so that they would prefer to stay forever. Each person has their distinctive voice and aura with which they make moods.
Just as rooms hold their unique magic, so do our words and our inner attitude. How you steer effect, that you learn with me.
It is my absolute passion to teach people how to touch, move and lead people with their voice and aura.

Ute Bries,
Expert for voice, appearance and leadership communication

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