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Benefit from GreenSign certification

With the increasing environmental problems that our planet is increasingly facing, people are becoming more environmentally conscious and demanding more sustainability. This also affects vacationers and hotel guests who enjoy the beautiful surroundings in their resorts and want to leave them as clean as possible. But not only the hotel environment is important, but also the hotel operation itself. Make this as sustainable as possible.

Sustainability will not only benefit the planet in the long run, but will also contribute significantly to the efficiency of your hotel and the satisfaction of your guests. Sustainability and resource conservation are important topics in the hotel industry. Find out how your hotel can become greener today and show guests your successes with the GreenSign sustainability seal. This certification is awarded by the InfraCert Institute for Sustainable Development in the Hotel Industry – with the aim of making hotel operations more environmentally friendly and sustainable through targeted measures.

If your hotel meets all the criteria, you can boast a GreenSign seal, which can have a particularly positive impact on your guest numbers. This little extra can lead to a potential guest ultimately choosing your hotel after all. A pleasant side effect of this certification is also the cost savings that can result from the changed hotel processes. Outdated operating processes are replaced or optimized, contributing to greater overall efficiency. So sustainability pays off!

Even if your guests don’t know all the details of the seal, they will definitely have seen it before. It is not only the current market leader in Germany, but has also been awarded to over 250 hotels in 14 countries. This certification should therefore already be known to one or the other environmentally conscious hotelier or guest.

The GreenSign sustainability seal is awarded by InfraCert – Institute for Sustainable Development in the Hotel Industry. The certification is practical, specially developed for the hotel industry and based on high standards according to EMAS and DIN ISO 14001. With the GreenSign seal, InfraCert offers hoteliers an integrated and sophisticated testing system that structures, evaluates and documents ecological, social and economic aspects of hotel management in over 90 criteria. The hotelier is given the opportunity to further expand his sustainability activities and efficiently optimize the operating processes. In Germany, GreenSign is the market leader as a sustainability seal for hotels. It has also established itself internationally with now over 250 certified hotels in 14 countries.

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